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Quality Inspection Department: EU Food Adulteration Renovation

Time:2020-01-16 View: From:Du-hope International Group

This month's report issued by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) shows that the situation of food adulteration in the EU is not optimistic, with wine and aquatic products being the first. During the investigation of 156 suspected adulteration items, 21% of the products were found to be "abnormal", especially in Manuka honey, lamb and olive oil. In addition, European Interpol and Interpol investigations have also found that contamination adulteration accounts for a very high proportion, accounting for 66% of the products in question; fruit and vegetable adulteration follows closely behind, accounting for 15% of the products in question; The situation of illegal trade cannot be ignored.

In addition, the illegal addition of copper sulphate to olive oil to improve the color and taste of olive oil is also a newly discovered adulteration method. Therefore, the quality detection method always lags behind the "innovation" of counterfeiters. The illegal addition of plasticizer in Taiwan was also discovered by accident.