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Robotic lawn mower



Emergency stoppress the “STOP” button on the top of our mower, the mower will stop immedictely.  

Lift & tilt sensor: The mower will stop working when lifted or tilted. 

Automatic recharge: The mower will go back to charging station when battery is low. 

Anti-theft security system: User can set the PIN code to prevent the mower from stealing. 

Rain sensor: Sunny weather is perfect for lawn mowing. So our mower will go back to the charging station when it rains, and restart when it stops. 

Language: English, Deutsch, French, Italian…

Collision sensor: it enables our mower to detect the obstacles while working to avoid


Technical Data

Maximum working area          1000sqm

battery                                 4.4AH,24V

work time                             1 hour 30min

charge time                           2 hour 30min

slope                                    25degree

Cutting width                         34cm

Cutting height                        2.5-5.5cm


Logistic Data

Pieces per master carton     

Gross/Net weight export carton 

Dimensions master carton   

Container quantity (40"HQ)

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