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Fire knowledge learning and drill

Time:2020-01-16 View: From:Du-hope International Group

In order to further study and implement the "Fire Protection Law" and "Regulations on Public Security Protection of Enterprises and Institutions in Jiangsu Province", to raise awareness of fire safety, enhance the ability to deal with emergencies, and build a safe community, the company joined Qijiawan Community Organization on May 16 Representatives of various departments, residents of Qijiawan Community, and students at Qijiawan Community at four o'clock in the classroom participated in the fire safety knowledge training explained by officers and soldiers of Houjiaqiao Fire Squadron, Qinhuai District.


During the training, Officer Lin of the Fire Squadron focused on explaining the importance of fire safety. Skills for avoiding thick smoke and escape and rescue during high-level fires were introduced. At the same time, the correct use methods of various fire extinguishers were introduced and practiced. Use a fire extinguisher.

Through this study and drill, we deeply understand the importance of fire safety